Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Dear Sweet Stitching Friends, This has been a year that was! I want to celebrate its passing and the coming new, brighter year by having a beautiful "giveaway" for you all.

If you're interested, please just leave a comment and I'll do the necessary draw by July 4th! You will see some of the charts available on my side line under "Trade or Sale." Please just tell me which one(s) you're interested in.

I wish I could give something to all of you to thank you for your faithfulness over the years in reading and commenting on my blog. Without you, I would have been so lonely and probably would have given my blog up as useless.

Thank you.....and good luck!!
PS: The picture above is of my two Yorkies when they were babies: Bailey and Bandit. Jessica still has Bailey (the English barrister). I had to give Bandit to my brother. Now we have little Clara, who is her daddy's delight and is 7 years old. Wasn't Bandit cute to kiss his brother?!!

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